F 92.12XMV-92.12XTV-92.15XMV-92.15XTV 50Hz


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– Cover: Cast iron EN GJL 200 (UNI EN 1561).
– Pump body: Cast iron EN GJL 200 (UNI EN 1561).
– Supporting foot: Cast iron EN GJL 200 (UNI EN 1561).
– Impeller: Cast iron EN GJL 200 (UNI EN 1561).
– Seal motor side: Seal ring.
– Mechanical seal pump side: Silicon Carbide/Silicon Carbide (SiC/SiC).
– Stator housing: Stainless steel AISI 304.
– Motor shaft: Stainless steel AISI 420.
– Bolts and nuts: Stainless steel Grade A2.
– Feeding cable: 10 meters type H07RN-F.
Single-phase version with 3G1mm² cable and SCHUKO plug (CEE 7/VII).
Three-phase version with 4G1mm² cable.
– Max. temperature of the liquid pumped: +40°C.
– pH of the liquid pumped: 6÷10.
– Max. immersion depth: 5m.
– Density of the liquid pumped: 1,0 kg/dm³.
– Min. immersion for continuos service: 375mm.
– Free passage: 50mm.
– Max. number starts/hour: 20.
– Acoustic pressure level issued: <70dB(A). - The electric motor is asynchronous 2 poles with squirrel cage rotor in dry chamber. - Class of insulation F, Protection degree IP68. - Single-phase built-in overheating protection and float switch. - Single-phase voltage: 230V/50Hz ±6%. - Three-phase voltage: 230V - 400V/50Hz ±10%. - Other voltages on request. - With food grade white oil on request. - External capacitor with 4G1mm² cable on request.

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