MEC 80 – 100 – 125 – 150


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The long experience and the numerous performed tests guarantee quality, reliability and flexibility.
The range of pumps series MEC from 6” to 10” with flow rates until to 420 m3/hour allows to reach groundwater at depths bigger than 200m. The vertical axis pump is composed of:
– Pump body with one or more impellers in series.
– Line of axes forming flow rate for the lifted liquid.
– Control group for the lifting and operating of the pump.
The outlet, directly incorporated to the heading, allows connection with the flow pipeline.
It is allowed the lifting of non-aggressive liquids to a maximum temperature = 40°C with a maximum content of solid substances in suspension (with hardness and granulometry of the slime) = 50g/m3.
The large range of controls allows the pump activation with different machines.

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